Marketing and Supply Chain Management

The Marketing degree at Mississippi State looks closely at consumer needs, and works to develop strategies to serve those needs. Through hands-on learning with world class research equipment like the Market Innovation Lab & Observatory (MILO), MSU Marketing students are prepared to take on the rapidly changing world of Marketing and apply the things learned within their classrooms.

Faculty and staff strive to focus on the most popular trends happening within the industry, allowing our students to learn applicable skills to the world outside McCool Hall. By offering concentrations like Supply Chain Management, PGA Golf Management, and Integrated Digital Marketing, Mississippi State’s Marketing department is diverse, forward thinking, and setting the standard of what a Marketing student can accomplish.

Our students learn about consumer needs, really, through a lot of hands on experience.

The faculty and staff really focus on what you want to learn, and I've used a lot of those resources and skills that I've learned in the classroom.

One of the advantages our marketing students have is access to MILO, which is the Market Innovation Lab and Observatory.

So they have eye trackers, EEG sensors, sweat detection. Everything that happens when you see an ad or product is recorded.

They're seeing the things that they're reading about in the textbooks applied to real world business.

The Supply Chain Management program here is very focused on delivering what's happening in the real world.

The Supply Chain Management program has almost 100% placement.

Every industry needs that, and so it's very in high demand right now, and students can learn a lot that's very applicable to the real world.

For the program itself, it's really taught me how to analyze situations and figure out a way how to solve that. I've understood and learned what consumer needs are and tailoring products and services to the consumer.

That's something unique that I've really found here in this program that I feel like I couldn't find as much somewhere else. And so being able to take that data and apply it to the things that we learn and even running my own business has been extremely helpful.