Engage with your Peers

When choosing your academic path at Mississippi State, we encourage you to take advantage of all the ways to grow both personally and professionally while on campus. The College of Business offers numerous clubs and organizations to help you connect with your peers, like College of Business Ambassadors (COBA), Undergraduate Women in Business (UWiB), Empowering Minorities in Accounting Association (EMAA) and nearly 30 others.

An important part of any Business education is collaboration and networking. To serve these goals, we encourage our students to be involved across campus through student leadership opportunities like Student Association (SA), Greek Life, and Religious Organizations. There are also opportunities to give back to MSU through serving programs like New Maroon Camp, S.P.A.R.K, and the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center. We cannot wait to see how you make your impact through the endless opportunities at MSU.

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The great thing about Mississippi State is there are many organizations that one could get involved in.

We have over 300 plus organizations on this campus for you to join, so there's got to be something here for you.

From Entrepreneurship Club, Undergraduate Women in Business, there's literally endless opportunities.

Within my major, there are tons of ways to be collaborative with other students on campus.

The Holmes Culture Diversity Center here, it houses 13 organizations that are minority endeavors groups.

It's just a place for students of all different backgrounds and walks of life and beliefs to come together and collaborate.

There are a lot of opportunities to participate in student leadership.

The Student Association puts on a broad range of events that attracts various crowds here at the school.

SPARK is a younger professional high school student conference that happens on MSU's campus over the summer. There are a lot of ways to network with employers, whether or not that is a resume, workshop, or things like that, that students from all departments and majors can come to.

On campus, we have a mock interview that helps you prepare for interviews in the future, as well as several career days in fall and in the spring that brings tons of businesses to campus.

And so I think that there so many opportunities within the College of Business to connect and really networking and build connections.

You can find students within your major and really get to know your peers.

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