International Business

The International Business concentration is available to any student majoring in the College of Business. By adding this concentration, students will earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the College of Business as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language from the College of Arts and Sciences. The International Business curriculum includes a six-week study abroad program, and a 10-week internship program. With this unique design of courses, plus the added support of the dedicated International Business office, the Career Center, and the Study Abroad office, Mississippi State University is preparing our International Business students to literally take on the world.

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Here at Mississippi State, they offer an international business concentration that's through the Business School here, so you get two majors, one in your business choice and then one in a foreign language, as well.

We're taking a lot of classes and they're a lot of different classes, and it's not just reading out of a textbook. It's a lot of interacting. And you also get the opportunity to do a study abroad and an internship, which is really awesome. Not a lot of universities really push that on their students, but here at Mississippi State, they give you the opportunity to do this.

My study abroad is going to be during the summer, but we also offer them during the school year, as well. And I found mine through the Study Abroad Office that we have here at Mississippi State. They worked really closely with the international business students. They're really hands-on in helping you figure out where you want to go when making that doable as far as scholarships, also.

The career center here, they put on career fairs two times a year. When you go to their career fairs, there's usually over 100 employers and companies ranging from national to multi-national.

I think that's what's the best about IB is they really prep you for the business world and not just your four years here in the classroom.

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