Market Innovation Lab & Observatory (MILO)

Mississippi State University is a world-renowned research institution, and some of the most exciting opportunities are happening within the College of Business. McCool Hall serves as home to the Market Innovation Lab and Observatory (MILO), and we are proud to be one of the first in the Southeast to house a lab as extensive as ours with eye tracking, facial recognition, and EEGs. This technology sets MSU graduates a part, as they are conducting similar research to corporations across the country.

Having experience with MILO, MSU College of Business students in every discipline can help companies serve consumer needs, build better brands, and develop stronger understandings of the people that every business is built around. Students who are inquisitive, driven, and eager will love the exciting research that is happening right here in the College of Business!

MILO is the market innovation lab and observatory. We've got eye tracking software in there, facial recognition, and then we've also got EEG readers that go on the head and read brainwaves to some extent. We're among the first universities in the Southeast to have the extensor lab that we have. MILO is really enhancing the employment opportunities for our students right now.

It's an amazing research tool period for students. Corporations are using it too, and so it looks really good for the students to have experience using it when they leave here. Since we've introduced MILO, we've seen a real increase in the traction that it's getting with our students. It's really interesting to me to see the types of students who are interested in this research because they're coming from all the different business disciplines. So any student who's inquisitive, who's interested in the business world, they're going to love this stuff.