Strategic Finance Laboratory

At the College of Business at Mississippi State, students have access to resources like the Strategic Finance Lab. With 21 work stations and seven Bloomberg terminals, MSU’s Finance students are applying classroom knowledge to real world decision making within the industry. Students competing in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Investment Challenge compete against 24 other institutions using the technology available in the Strategic Finance Lab. Through availability of this training, Mississippi State Finance students are a step ahead of the competition, and well prepared for the competitive world of trading.

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A great resource here at Mississippi State for finance students is the Strategic Finance Lab. And that gives students the ability to have hands-on experience with trading stocks.

There are 21 workstations and seven Bloomberg terminals. And at the Bloomberg terminals, you can look up pretty much any company and find from the description of the company, all the way down to the little details. On there, they offer the BMC, which is the Bloomberg Market Certification. That is really used within the industry, so we're a step ahead.

Students here at Mississippi State are able to get a real-world experience with investing through TBA. It's great because you get to apply your classroom knowledge. But at the same time, you're learning so much more.

Through all my experiences here at Mississippi State, it has really prepared me for my future career through decision-making, networking, and really getting to know the industry that I want to be in.