Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach (E-Center)

The Venture Catalyst Program at Mississippi State helps students create their own futures. It takes five steps to turn your idea into a funded company, and it starts here at the Entrepreneurship Center.

The Entrepreneurship Center helps students find career opportunities that they would not have known existed by solely relying on their degree program. Through the E-Center, students can create their own products or companies. Student entrepreneurs learn financing, development, and business planning, all while working towards funding their dreams. With supportive E-Center staff and generous alumni in the Bulldog Angel Network, MSU’s College of Business is launching our students into successful ventures that they make for themselves.

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The Entrepreneurship Center is for students who have the idea to create their own job.

The E Center has different resources for financing, product development, help with your business plan. The main program is called the Venture Catalyst Program.

It walks you through the process. There's five steps that take you from idea to funded company.

And by the end of the program, students can receive up to $7,500 of funding and be prepared to go before our Bulldog Angel Network.

All of our angel investors, the Bulldog Angel Network, they're all comprised of alumni.

We host these events that combine student, community, and alumni all the time, and the idea is for them to make serendipitous connections.

The E Center's very much of a family, so the people that I talk about, I see on a regular basis where I consider them close friends and I have high respect for them.

The student that comes in finds new career opportunities that they wouldn't have had just studying the degree they had. And so those are the things that tend to appeal to the students that come in the Entrepreneurship Center.

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