MSU Idea Shop

Student Entrepreneurs at Mississippi State are highly supported by the College of Business. As an extension of our very own Entrepreneurship Center, the Turner A. Wingo Maker Studio and Idea Shop is located in the heart of downtown Starkville. Within the Idea Shop, the community of Starkville can buy products created by the student entrepreneurs at Mississippi State, as well as see them hard at work through glass walls of the Wingo Maker Space. Connecting community to campus, this creative hub in Starkville allows our students to have real experience retailing their products, as well as gain exposure and a loyal client base with the Bulldog faithful that call Starkville home.  

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Here at Mississippi State, we have the Wingo Maker Studio. It's a place where students and faculty that have ideas, they can develop their products.

In the front there is the Idea Shop and it is a place that is full of retail items, and they're a combination between community members and MSU students. In the back, it is mostly a maker space, so there are several 3D printers. There is a couple of different wood cutters, basically anything you need to build, but it's on a very high scale.

The Idea Shop is set up like a gym membership. You can either pay a semester amount for a community member or an MSU student, or you can just pay a monthly fee.

It provides an outlet for student entrepreneurs that have tangible products to get first experience in retailing and get exposure to having the product in a store.

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