Management and Information Systems

Students looking to make an impact on the world after college should consider the Management and Information Systems department at Mississippi State. Through courses designed to develop your skills in data analytics and cyber security, MSU’s College of Business is preparing you to go out into the world and make a contribution.

MSU’s Management and Information Systems students are enrolled in a variety of classes to round out the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly growing tech world. Through connecting our technological advances with a strong business savvy, students graduating with MSU’s Management and Information Systems degrees are highly sought after upon graduation.

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The program here has prepared me significantly because they offer a bunch of different classes that bring out different sides of you.

Our students develop their skills in data analytics and cybersecurity through the courses that they take. And we try to embed those two areas in other courses that they have so that helps round out the student when they get ready to go out on the job market.

The teachers really care about you, and they really want you to succeed. And they don't only wants you to succeed in the classroom, also outside of the classroom.

We have some really good employers that come back to Mississippi State year after year looking for our BIS graduates.

The career paths are limitless with this degree-- human resource positions, operations management, or even owning their own business. These are all things that the College of Business here prepares you for going forward.

Our students were prepared to go out into the rest of the world and make a contribution.

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