The Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy is a point of pride at Mississippi State University. While consistently being ranked in the top 20 schools of Accountancy comparable to schools our size, the Adkerson School of Accountancy pushes their students to thrive both inside and outside the walls of McCool Hall. With specific Accounting career fairs, our students are introduced to the wide variety of careers available to students who study Accounting.

Students studying Accounting at MSU receive intentional, one-on-one advising from an Accounting specific advisor, as well as pursuing curriculum designed to launch students into a career or a postgraduate degree. Students who choose to stay at Mississippi State for their graduate program can complete a Master’s in Public Accounting or Taxation, all while being prepped to pass their Certified Public Accountant exam.

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The Richard C. Adkerson School Of Accountancy has maintained a top 20 ranking comparable to schools our size.

All the way from professors to the tests, the way they're set up, everything's made to benefit the student, and it really does prepare you for anything you want to do in life.

Our accounting undergrad program prepares our students to enter into our graduate program. We have two Master's programs which is the Master of Professional Accountancy as well as the Master of Taxation program. And it does allow them to earn their graduate degree while earning their CPA. If the student comes here to Mississippi State in our program, they're not just a number. I get to know them and the professors get to know them by face and name. I always have a open door policy.

The thing that sticks out to me the most with accounting is there's networking opportunities all the time going on.

We host numerous career fairs, and we pride ourselves on making sure that students are leaving with jobs.

This year alone, I've been to four accounting fairs, I believe. So that's really neat that I get to go out there and meet people, and then by putting my name out there, they come after me.

We have our students going into IP, Governmental Accounting. There are a lot of career paths.

And that really comes with the high quality of the program of Accountancy here at Mississippi State.

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