Student Life at MSU

Student life is an important part of your college career. As an SEC institution, you can count on the Fall being busy with tailgating in the Junction with your friends and attending the largest, free, outdoor concert in Mississippi when Bulldog Bash rolls around. When the Spring arrives, you want to make sure to grab your seat in the Left Field Lounge at Dudy Noble Baseball Field, the best place in the country to watch College Baseball!

Beyond our Division I athletics, Mississippi State also has our students giving back to the community through days of service like The Big Event. Work side by side with community leaders as you and your friends give back to the city of Starkville with community clean-ups, Habitat for Humanity, and other philanthropic projects throughout the year.

If you’re looking forward to engaging with your college campus, and you want to make your college career impactful, you have no greater opportunity than by joining the Bulldog family!

On campus, we have so many different things you can do from tailgating on Saturdays for football games to hanging out in Left Field Lounge at the Dude to Super Bulldog Weekend where you get to just experience all the sports in one weekend.

Some of the big ones are Bulldog Bash-- we have it in the fall every year. It's put on by students, and it's the largest free outdoor concert in Mississippi. So they have different artists every year, and it's always really fun.

I love the fall here in Starkville, because football season keeps everyone busy. It's a great time to get dressed up, tailgate, and have fun with your friends all day. The Sanderson Center is a really great place to go. It has a lot of activities.

There is a climbing wall. There is pools. There's a gym. So students are kind of always in there hanging out.

At the Sanderson Center, they also have intramural sports for students to participate in outside of curricular activities. Basketball, volleyball, a lot of different types of sports. Students have different opportunities to participate and give back to the community, such as the big event in MLK Day of Service.

They have various locations around town where you just give back and volunteer.

Getting involved on campus has had a huge impact on my life as a student here. I've gotten to meet so many different people and experience so many different things I never would have had I not come here.

So I mean, there's just endless opportunities for students to have fun on campus and really get engaged.